Top Self-Drive Car Rental Companies in Chandigarh

26 Aug

About Chandigarh

Chandigarh or The City beautiful has been considered as the best planned and prestigious city in India. The name Chandigarh has been derived from the "Chandi Mandir" meaning "stronghold of the goddess Chandi". This eminent city is a pure amalgamation of both; the modern and the historic giving everyone immense traveling experience. Chandigarh has it all from renowned pubs to tourist spots; also close to some of the most happening hill stations and summer getaways. Though it becomes burdensome to travel from one location to another or between states which make it is so important to complete the research about self-drive car rentals and the best deals.

What are the Best Self-Drive Car Rental Companies in Chandigarh?

No matter whether you are in Chandigarh for a field trip, commuting from Chandigarh airport, or as a pit-stop while traveling self-drive car rental services ensures a more hassle-free mode of transportation. Dig deeper in this article for some of the best companies renting cars and thus saving your time. Let's get started!!

1. Car4Hires

Car4Hires has been ranked as one of the most noteworthy and prominent online self-drive car rental services providing people world-class service and options for years. Exploring Chandigarh means so many sectors, supermarkets, catching up the flights; you can always go for Car4Hires for guaranteed comfort and ease. With their easy online booking system, affordable prices, free cancellation, and customer satisfaction they have maintained a reputed image in the city in featuring the best self-drive car Rental Company.


Jag.Cab is another option for making your vacations or stays in Chandigarh a cherished experience. They are offering a wide range of cars as per the requirement of the customer. Jag.Cab tends to be a great alternative featuring more advantages than disadvantages if you are booking a self-drive car.

3. Nanuan Travels

Nanuan Travels in Mohali and Chandigarh provides a wide range of taxi and self-drive cars services. This company has become an easy cab booking platform with its comfortable and reliable Self-Drive Car Rental services for the last 29 years.

4. Revv Self Drive Cars

Revv is an inclusive option for all self-drive car rental needs and has made its presence in many other cities other than Chandigarh. They are striving to fulfill the requirements of the customer as well as giving freedom to choose prices and doorstep delivery.


Therefore, we have provided you the creamy layer of the best companies for self-drive car rentals when you plan your next vacation or business trip. Now all you have to do is to book a car of your choice, fill your pick up and drop off location and enjoy your stay at Chandigarh.

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